How can mindfulness impact well-being?

We all want to feel well and live better, but our lifestyle or conditions are causing damage, manifesting as fatigue, anxiety, exhaustion or even physical pain. This historic time that we are living with the pandemic has aggravated many of these symptoms. Many of us feel disconnected, stuck in past routines that no longer have […]

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AI is coming (part 2)

Let me go back again to «the different waves of AI» which I introduced in the first part of this post. I would like to build their understanding with more details about their current form as they are manifesting themselves in society nowadays. Internet AI is about personalization. This is AI as mainly used by facebook […]

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Holidays: from stress to calm

Holiday period is usually awaited with enthusiasm. Even with some anxiety. We feel that we will finally have the opportunity to stop, have time for ourselves and those we love. Enjoy calmer and more relaxed environments. Forget about work for some time and dedicate yourself to that you like: reading, swimming, resting, socializing… Eventually, even […]

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AI is coming (part 1)

Two years ago, I felt the need to update my own understanding regarding digital technology and the IT industry. I keep offering my 25-years point of view to businesspeople in a masterclass and it was maybe lacking some key points regarding “AI” (by “AI” I mean Artificial Intelligence). I guess this sense of vacuum was watered by […]

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Four Tips to Make Life Easier After COVID19

What will it be like now that we are in a post-covid world? What is next? With vaccine rates on the rise, everything looks like in a process of re-opening. It is time to a re-enter in life. This unique moment is making many of us to feel a mixture of both excitement and anxiety […]

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First Steps to Compassionate Leadership

Leadership and compassion are two words that we would not expect to find in the same sentence. For many years, the popular perception of a leader was that of being strong, rational, decisive, obstinate, and focused on results, with more technical, operational, and cognitive skills. An Executive Leadership, as we usually referred to. However, despite […]

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How to be more mindful at work?

Mindfulness is an attitude, a way of being in life (in all its dimensions) and, therefore, it is also a personal and individual decision regardless of the context where we are: at work, at home, on holiday … Knowing this, we also recognize that there are environments that facilitate and block this intention and that […]

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The greatest gift: listening and being listened

Today, I share with you one of the mindfulness integrated practices that I like the most and that I feel has a huge impact on the way we relate to ourselves and with others: conscious listening. Most of us probably spend the day communicating with other people and feeling that we listen to them. In […]

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What does neuroscience tell us about mindfulness?

Research shows that around 50% of our awake time we are mind-wandering and one of the reasons why that happens is because our brain has a default mode network. The concept of a default mode network was developed after researchers inadvertently noticed surprising levels of brain activity in experimental participants who were supposed to be […]

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Emotional Intelligence Traits in a Time of Crisis

Covid-19 presents the ultimate test across industries and geographies as almost every organization is experiencing unprecedented challenges. Mental and emotional stamina, courage and compassion are the tools to navigate all this uncertainty. Emotional intelligence is essential for communities impacted by crises. Think of Emotional Intelligence (EI) as your internal toolkit, a collection of faculties you […]

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