Mindfulness@Work Workshop



The Mindfulness Workshop Workshop is a 1-2 hour Mindfulness Introduction session.

For whom?

Companies that want to develop a more empathetic and collaborative work environment and want to foster the ability to focus, motivation, resilience and above all the well-being of their employees.

For what?

The Mindfulness@work Workshop aims primarily to demystify the concept of Mindfulness and to explore how mindfulness practice can help concentration, increase resilience, decision-making skills and relationships with others, as well as helping to cope with stress and improving well-being.


The workshop is theoretical and practical with a secular and dynamic approach. A general approach to mindfulness and some simple practices that can be integrated into the personal or professional life of employees are included. The workshop can be facilitated in Spanish, English or Portuguese.

By whom?

The workshop will be facilitated by one of the TSOW facilitators.

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