Conscious Entrepreneurship Program


When and where?

Currently, Conscious Entrepreneurship Program is organized on demand for groups 10 people or more.


Conscious Entrepreneurship Program is a collection of 5 workshops to explore, understand and integrate what means to be an entrepreneur in the XXI century. This program fully builds of Carlos Goga’s life-long experience and covers the 5 roots of inner success: (i) transformation in the XXI century; (ii) conscious leadership; (iii) conscious communication; (iv) conscious resource management; and (v) sustainable economics.

For whom?

This program helps anyone who is in the process of launching and/or who has already launched his or her own business.

For what?

This program builds the basic knowledge and skills that any person needs to successfully understand and manage a business in the XXI century.


The program builds as a mix of theoretical concepts, shared experiences, and open conversations with coaching circles, specific tools’ creation, and other in-class exercises (like meditation practice). Duration can vary according to the needs of the group and goes between a minimum of 20 hours and a maximum of 40 hours.

With Whom?

This workshop is facilitated by Carlos Goga.

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