Conscious Parenting Workshops


When and where?

Currently, Conscious Parenting Workshops are organized on request for groups of at least 6 people.


Conscious Parenting Workshops are sessions lasting approximately 2 hours, where the principles of conscious parenting are explored.

For whom?

The workshops are intended for parents, educators and teachers who are interested in furthering the concepts of conscious parenting and acquiring techniques and practices that help them implement a more present, conscious and intent-centered education.

For what?

With conscious parenting, we seek to look at the child in a more authentic way, respecting their individuality, understanding their needs and (re) discovering their personality, but also knowing how to better communicate our limits. The workshops we develop aim to help parents and educators to make more informed choices that are aligned with their core values and intentions in order to develop healthier and more collaborative relationships.


The workshops have around two hours and address different topics within the parenting / education area. Each session is theoretical and practical and will allow the sharing of experiences and clarification of issues within the group. Participants can attend a single workshop or the full cycle:

  • Mindfulness in conscious parenting
  • Educate for self-esteem
  • How to communicate to be heard
  • Dealing with tantrums and conflicts
  • Turn disobedience into collaboration

On request, lectures, workshops or programs on the subject can be designed, with an extension and formats tailored to the specific needs and objectives.

With Whom?

The program will be facilitated by Vanda de Sousa, Certified Conscious Parenting Facilitator.

Conscious Parenting Workshops
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