Our Story

– May I seat?
– Yes, you can
– Thank you. This is Carlos, from Spain.
– Hello. Carlos from Spain. This is Vanda, from Portugal.
– Hello, Vanda from Portugal.

This simple conversation joined us for the very first time. It was October 2017 in San Francisco (USA). We were starting SIYLI Teacher Certification Program. In other words, we were at the starting line of a new professional challenge: helping corporations to humanize their practices by training leaders and employees in emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

A couple of years later, we reached a better understanding of our call. First, we deeply felt our willingness to help not only corporations, leaders, and employees but expand to all the business community, specially where the new is being created, including also non-profits, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and free-lancers. Second, we got convinced that smart practice was a must, and that this smart practice will happen easier when embracing the wholeness of the self, so we added “personal life” to “professional life” and included family, specially couple and parenting. Lastly, we recognized our spontaneous will to seed and water emotional intelligence in action, so now we think love as the main subject and object of our call and our offering.

On the other hand, we also understood better our challenge ahead as teachers and facilitators. We felt how extremely difficult and demanding is any solo effort to go-to-market, so a collective strategy revealed as a must. Also, we experienced how much we need state-of-the-art technologies and practices to leverage any proposal so as reaching the levels of efficiency and scale that allow for economic sustainability.

Initially, life surprised us by magically orchestrating our first meeting. Then, we together found overwhelming evidence that love overcomes fear when we choose so. Also, we experienced that differences are opportunities for growth and learning, and that similarities are the best place to rest for sustenance and motivation to keep going. When sharing values and intentions, we found that generously we can bunch skills and competences in such a way that together we can enjoy more, and we can do better.

So, we lovely look at each other and we said “Yes” several times. We said “Yes” because we deeply felt that our call was real, and that we wanted to fully commit. And then, we said “togetherness” every day. We said “togetherness” because we felt to walk together but also freely invite others to join and walk with us.

This is how we choose to remember our story. This how we gave birth to The School of We.

“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful. ”

Mother Teresa

Our Story