The School of We

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A learning community and space for experiencing, sharing and building new ways of relating to each other (we) based on innovative, conscious understanding and practicing of love.


Through Mindfulness, we train the ability to direct our attention, helping to calm the mind and learn and manage our internal states.

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Conscious Parents

With conscious parenting, we seek to look at the child in a more authentic way, respecting their individuality and understanding their needs.

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Search Inside Yourself

With the SIY we promote a better emotional recognition and management skills, enhancing concentration and helping to create a positive mental state.

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We are TSoW facilitators

We love to learn, and we love to share what we have learned. We teach to serve and to help others. We make our best to keep connected with our intention and values and we enter teaching with the will to be of service.

Vanda Sousa - The School of We


I found a way of living (all) life with more calm, greater presence and depth. It is through sharing what I believe, learn and experience that I found myself and I marvel. With me. With others. With life.

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Carlos Goga - The School of We


My life is a quest for easiness, peace and nature. My walk is an open experience for love-in-action and slow life. My teachings focus on what I want to learn the most by balancing what I know and what I do not know.

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Facilitator - The School of We