Collaboration with sheLEADS – Djassi Africa

There are projects that seem to call for us as soon as we meet them. A purpose and intention that touch us and push us into action. That’s what I felt when I was lucky enough to meet Djassi Africa and their #sheLEADS program. A project of empowerment, growth, support and recognition of this fantastic […]

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SIY Online| March 2021

This week we closed another edition of the Search Inside Yourself program with a very special group! I believe that these smiles and the words that follow portray how rewarding this experience was for everyone. Testemunhos “Incredible” “Very pertinent, it strengthens the connection with the group and allows us to share ourselves in an authentic […]

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SIY Associação Salvador| Feb 2021

We always like to share the programs we are developing and today the focus is entirely to Associação Salvador, where we had the pleasure of facilitating (together with Inês Diogo) the Search Inside Yourself program. And the reason is simple! They do an incredible job in promoting the social inclusion of people with motor disabilities […]

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SIY online for Peace Builders | Myanmar| Dec 2020

First SIY program in Myanmar successfully ended after 6 weeks! Such a joy to give the gift of mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence to this beautiful group of peacebuilders in Myanmar, a country torn by violence for over 70 years. May this help create change agents that would spread peace and harmony to this nation! A […]

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Entrajuda 2020 SIY TSOW


Being able to be at the service of those who are also at the service of others is a real privilege! That was how I felt when facilitating another Search Inside Yourself program, this time online and in collaboration with ENTRAJUDA. Thanks to the wonderful group of participants from many different nonprofit institutions across the […]

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Workshop presencial de Mindfulness - Axians

Presential Mindfulness workshop – Axians

The return to Mindfulness face-to-face workshops could not have happened in a better way. It was a pleasure to be with the Axians Portugal team to welcome their new employees and share with them tools for training attention and stress management. A real “breath of fresh air” to be able to be again (and despite […]

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The School of We - Mindfulness Session Online 2020

Workshop and Mindfulness sessions (online) ⏐ Papersoft

Cultivating attention, facilitating emotional management and promoting more positive and collaborative environments are objectives that should always be present, but which are reinforced at more challenging and impacting times like the one we are experiencing now. For this reason it is a very rewarding experience to collaborate with companies like PAPERSOFT which, through a workshop […]

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