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Jose Mujica | We pay with the life time that we had to spend to earn the money

(Video in Spanish, subtitles in English and Portuguese) More videos in our YouTube Channel Either you are happy with little,with little luggage,because happiness is in you,or you do not achieve anything.This is not an apology for poverty,but for sobriety.But as we invented a consumer society,consumerist,and the economy has to grow,or a tragedy happens,we have invented a […]

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Simon Sinek | When the smartphone is out it makes people around us feel that they are less important

(Video in English, subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese) More videos in our YouTube Channel What if I hold my phone while I am talking to you?I am not checking it, it’s not buzzing, it’s not beeping.I’m not even…Nothing, I’m just holding it.Do you feel at this momentthat you are the most important thing right now?No, you do […]

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Pope Francisco | Only by educating people to a true fraternity will we be able to overcome the “culture of waste”

(Video in Italian with subtitles in English, Portuguese and Spanish) More videos in our YouTube Channel “How wonderful it would be if fraternity, such a beautiful and at times inconvenient word, were not simply reduced to social work but, became instead, the default attitude in political, economic and scientific choices, as well as in the relationships […]

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Mikaela Övén | Emotional literacy is also about having an empathic capacity for the other’s emotions

(Video in Portuguese, subtitles in English and Spanish) More videos in our YouTube Channel When we started this…I think that many times when people finally decide to share,sometimes it is in a very spontaneous wayand it comes out in a very rough wayand that does not promote approximation.But even when it is very conscious,we forget that […]

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