Jose Mujica | We pay with the life time that we had to spend to earn the money

(Video in Spanish, subtitles in English and Portuguese)

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Either you are happy with little,
with little luggage,
because happiness is in you,
or you do not achieve anything.
This is not an apology for poverty,
but for sobriety.
But as we invented a consumer society,
and the economy has to grow,
or a tragedy happens,
we have invented a mountain
of superfluous consumption.
You buy and discard.
But what you spend is life time.
Because when I buy something, or you,
we don't pay with money,
we pay with the time of life
we had to spend to have that money.
But with this difference:
everything can be bought, except life.
Life is spent.
And it is miserable to waste life
to lose freedom.

Extract from the video “Entrevista com José – URUGUAI – #HUMAN” available here:

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