Price policy

At The School of We, we want teachers to earn a decent income so they can live a decent life. We also want our teachers to continue to grow personally and professionally so that they can fully serve people, businesses and society, now and in the future.

For that reason, we set a value of €150 per hour in our programs and workshops, considering actual teaching time and 20% preparation time.

PAY WHAT YOU CAN We also believe that money should not be an impediment to getting involved in projects that we are passionate about. That’s why we trust our customers and we are open for them to propose another price, in case there is any economic limitation.

The prices indicated in our proposals do not include VAT. Prices do not include room, meals or accommodation. For budgeting, we consider +50% in customized programs (diagnosis, design and preparation); +10% for online-only or in-person programs with more than 2 sessions; and +10% when using more than two languages (Portuguese, English or Spanish)