Our Vision

The world is always changing. It has changed in the past and it will change in the future. What makes nowadays change special is that we are feeling it in real-time, as “this is our time” and changes feel big: we know that they are deeply disruptive, they are very fast, and they are impacting almost all levels of life at once.

That’s why, in The School of We:

  • We propose learning paths so that the experience of “we” can happen at all relevant levels, especially in business, society and the individual being. We develop and propose practices that facilitate deep learning and a transformation that allows for the easy integration of the new into everyday life.
  • We are especially committed to building a world of love and beauty, a world where people embrace a triple-like and triple-win lifestyle, where businesses and organizations understand, care for, respect and take full responsibility for (i ) the integrity of who we are as human beings, (ii) the people we interact with, and (iii) the environment in which we live.
  • We believe that personal transformation is the necessary first step towards any deep and systemic change in business and society. This personal transformation includes a double movement: the transformation of the individual self and the transformation of how this “individual” self adds up to a “collective” that will build the “we” in all its different situations and forms.

This is what The School of We invites you all to do.

“Whenever you have to make a decision, ask yourself three questions about who benefits: is it just you, or a group? is it just your group, or everyone? is it in only for the present or also in the future?”

Dalai Lama