Our Vision

The world is always changing. It has changed in the past and it will change in the future. What makes nowadays change special is that we are feeling it in real-time, as “this is our time” and changes feel big: we know that they are deeply disruptive, they are very fast, and they are impacting almost all levels of life at once. Complex as it could look like, Otto Scharmer wisely stated the simplicity of it by stating that “this moment of disruption deals with death and rebirth”.

What is dying we can easily describe: a XIX century mindset that is still taught in most schools and talks maximum “me”, rigid hierarchies and extreme competition; a mindset that absurdly simplifies what it means to be human, that forgets nature and talks very old perspectives of work, gender and geography; a mentality that bows and kneels down in front of the promise of lots of money and of a stable life; a mentality that proclaims a lifelong profession, a lifelong couple and a lifelong house. And this XIX century old mindset keeps ruling all major institutions that represent the WE of real life by defining, even imposing what a couple is, what a family is, what an enterprise is, and what a (western) society is.

Although what is being born is less clear, we can also start to describe it: a new XXI century mindset that we can feel and experience in many places and communities around; a new mindset that optimizes for “WE”, that thinks horizontal organizations and plays for extreme collaboration; a new mindset that praises the wholeness of being human, which unconditionally embraces nature and experiments with concepts like work, gender and geography in a flexible and playful way; a new mentality that honours love and happiness and yearns for health and wellbeing; a new mentality which feels so comfortable with change that it fully facilitates to change profession, to change couple and to change residence and housing to grow and flow with life.

The School of We arrives to explore and help with this which is being born, and to complete the understanding of the unclear. Furthermore, The School of We will serve people to organize know-how and material means for the definition and offering of different learning paths in ways that the new WE can happen at all relevant levels, specially in business, society, and the self. Finally, The School of We will seek for smart practice to facilitate deep learning and easy transformation by integrating the new into everyday life with ease.

The School of We is specially committed to build a world of love and beauty, a world where persons adopt a triple-like, triple-win life style; and where business and organizations totally understand, care, respect and take responsibility about (i) the integrity of who we are as human beings, (ii) the people with whom we interact, and (iii) the environment in which we live.

The School of We believes that personal transformation is the first, necessary step for any deep, systemic change at business and society. Also, that personal transformation includes a twofold movement: the transformation of the individual self and the transformation of how this “individual” self adds up into a “collective” that will build the WE in all its different situations and forms. So, coming back to Otto Scharmer, “To change the world, we first need to connect with our deeper sources of creativity and self.”

This is what The School of We invites you all to do.

“Whenever you have to make a decision, ask yourself three questions about who benefits: is it just you, or a group? is it just your group, or everyone? is it in only for the present or also in the future?”

Dalai Lama
Our Vision