Love and do what you wish!

Love and do what you wish! If you shut up, shut up for love; if you speak, speak out of love. If you correct, correct out of love; if you forgive, forgive for love… Put this root of love deep in your heart.  From this root of love,  only the good can be born. Within […]

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Mindfulness and the power of breathing

Mindfulness fully rests on the power of breathing. However, breathing and its benefits rarely are in the spotlight. This article will add more focus and explanation around it. Let’s start by the most common position to practice mindfulness: seated in a chair. We usually are asked to find a way to sit where you can […]

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A porcelain spoon

A high mountain casts its shadow over a small village all day. Children, due to lack of sun, grow stunted. One day, the inhabitants see how an old man walks away from the village carrying a porcelain spoon in his hand. – Where are you going?, they ask. – I am going to the mountain, […]

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House in Order, by Sussumu Hirayama

Sit in silence is to put the house in order, not in the order someone said or what I want, in the order it is. Sit in silence is to pay attention to yourself, realize, understand yourself, not by the senses or intellect, for being whole. Sit in silence is to pay attention to life, […]

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Well-being on return to the workplace: the leader’s role

Returning to the workplace remains uncertain for the vast majority of people. Even with the complete vaccination schedule, the proper care and the slow return to a certain “normality”, many of the employees feel insecure about interrupting the new routine and returning to the workplace with new and different dynamics. Organizations face unique challenges, with […]

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The blind and the elephant

A maharajah asked all blind people to be gathered. Then, he ordered to place an elephant in front of them so they could share what they found. After touching the head, some said: “It looks like a gear of a lever!”. Those who felt the ear, assured: “It looks like a fan to make wind”. […]

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Search Inside Yourself | ENTRAJUDA | April 4th & 5th

We, once again, collaborated with ENTRAJUDA to facilitate the Search Inside Yourself program for its associate members. As we came back to in-person training, the experience brought us special joy and motivation. The sharing by the different participants were very rich. We believe that this experience will help them to feel better, more balanced and […]

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