The Bowl

A monk told Joshu: “I have just entered the monastery. Please teach me.”Joshu asked: “Have you eaten your rice porridge?”The monk replied: “I have eaten.”Joshu said: “Then you had better wash your bowl.”At that moment the monk was enlightened. […]

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Pope Francisco | Only by educating people to a true fraternity will we be able to overcome the “culture of waste”

(Video in Italian with subtitles in English, Portuguese and Spanish) More videos in our YouTube Channel “How wonderful it would be if fraternity, such a beautiful and at times inconvenient word, were not simply reduced to social work but, became instead, the default attitude in political, economic and scientific choices, as well as in the relationships […]

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Thanks to life, by Violeta Parra

Thanks to life that has given me so much Gave me two stars and when I open them Perfectly distinguishing between black and white And in the high sky, the starry background And in the crowd, the man I love. Thanks to life that has given me so much Gave me hearing, which in all […]

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The old man and the happiness

An old man was living in a small village. Neighbours were tired of him. He was always sad, constantly complaining, always in a bad mood. The longer he lived, the viler he became and the more poisonous his words were. People did everything it was possible to avoid him because his misfortune was contagious. He […]

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Waiting for the wind, by Ndalu de Almeida (Ondjaki)

There is in the silence of the airan authorized peace…a lyrical murmurin the renaissanceof every moment.The bird plays between a whistle noteand a breath of wind.The butterfly falls asleep — enchanted.(…)to have peacewe need to walk the silence. – Ndalu de Almeida (Ondjaki) […]

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Mindfulness: how to create a new habit

Our habits define our life and even our personality. Studies indicate that about half of our daily actions are motivated by repetition. But what happens when we know that something (like mindfulness practice) is positive and healthy for us, but it still requires effort and is not automated in our lives? Authors such as BJ […]

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Mikaela Övén | Emotional literacy is also about having an empathic capacity for the other’s emotions

(Video in Portuguese, subtitles in English and Spanish) More videos in our YouTube Channel When we started this…I think that many times when people finally decide to share,sometimes it is in a very spontaneous wayand it comes out in a very rough wayand that does not promote approximation.But even when it is very conscious,we forget that […]

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Open yourself, heart, by Rosa Giove

Open yourself, heart Open yourself, feelings Open yourself, understanding Leave reason to one side And let shine the sun Hidden inside you Open yourself, ancient memory Hidden in the earth, in the plants below the water, below the fire It is time already Now is the hour open yourself, heart And remember how Spirit cures […]

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After observing O Sensei (the founder of Aikido), sparring with an accomplished fighter, a young student said to the master: – “You never lose your balance. What is your secret?” – “You are wrong,” O Sensei replied. “I am constantly losing my balance. My skill lies in my ability to regain it.” Illustration available here. […]

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