The School of We - Mindfulness Session Online 2020

Workshop and Mindfulness sessions (online) ⏐ Papersoft

Cultivating attention, facilitating emotional management and promoting more positive and collaborative environments are objectives that should always be present, but which are reinforced at more challenging and impacting times like the one we are experiencing now. For this reason it is a very rewarding experience to collaborate with companies like PAPERSOFT which, through a workshop […]

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The School Of We | Search Inside Yourself online, Univ. Católica, Lisboa, 2020

SIY Online Univ. Católica Portugal

What a joy to have the opportunity to bring the Search Inside Yourself Program ONLINE (and live) to a great group of participants from the Careers & Talent Office of Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics! An amazing experience for us teachers (Vanda Sousa and Inês Diogo) and an excelent participation and feedback from […]

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TSoW Mindfulness at work

Online Mindfulness@Work Workshop and Sessions

How great to be able to collaborate with companies and contribute to projects that allow to improve the well-being of employees, such as what happened during the last weeks at Siemens Healthineers Portugal, in partnership with Ser Integral – Centro Português de Mindfulness. If before it was already a fundamental need, the current phase that […]

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TSoW. SIY Online

SIY Online May – Portugal

Time demands change and adaptation and so we go… It was with total dedication and care that we (Vanda Sousa and Rita Cabaço) facilitated the first SEARCH INSIDE YOURSELF ONLINE (and live) during the last 4 weeks and it is comforting to know that despite the physical distance, we had the ability to maintain the […]

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Mindfulness: expectation vs reality

During these years when I have facilitated mindfulness programs and sessions, I heard something like this several times: “I can’t meditate. I’ve tried, but it’s not for me”. For many, the initial experience with Mindfulness practice (especially with meditation) is one of frustration and restlessness, which usually leads them to give up. Most of the […]

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mindful concept

What mindfulness is not

If you go back a few years ago (and not that many!), Mindfulness was a completely unknown concept for the majority of the population or was associated with something rare, strange and marginal. Nowadays, Mindfulness is the theme of several magazines cover (such as Time) and a huge number of books that fill bookstores. Also, […]

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