Digital Transformation³ Workshop



Currently, DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION3 WORKSHOP is a 4 hours workshop which has been custom-made for INSTITUTO DE GOBERNANZA EMPRESARIAL and is offered as one class of their master program “International Accreditation in Boards of Directors and Good Governance”. Full information on content, dates, and how to enrol can be found by clicking here.

For whom?

Senior management and business decision makers who are members of Board of Directors, Advisory Boards, Family Councils, and/or Steering Committee.

For what?

The DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION3 WORKSHOP helps decision makers to demystify digital technology and drives them to a better understand of the dynamics of the digital industry. This class focus on how IT impacts business, society and the self while offering a high-level analysis of the VUCA perspective. The challenges ahead are introduced at three complementary levels: organizational transformation, society transformation, and personal transformation.


The workshop is theoretical and practical with a master class approach. The agenda builds as a mix of theoretical concepts, shared experiences, and open conversations.

Instituto Gobernanza Empresarial

By whom?

This workshop is facilitated by Carlos Goga.

The School of We

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