Moving Forward COVID19


When and Where

MOVING FORWARD COVID19 is available on demand as a live online training or for in-person delivery for groups between 8 and 16 participants.


MOVING FORWARD is an online workshop to understand and calm down our troubled minds and open to a more compassionate and more light-hearted being. Across a series of reflections and exercises, using a helpful and practical approach, we build on the best of emotional intelligence, neuroscience and mindfulness. The workshop facilitates (1) to explore negative emotions, (2) to bring calm and clarity, (3) to understand resilience: recover from adversity, adapt and thrive, and (4) to keep open to uncertainty while practicing gratitude and compassion, both at work and at home.

For whom?

This new program is aimed for employees and teams of corporations who need support to embrace and manage “the new normality” brought by the COVID19 pandemic and recover from adversity, adapt and thrive.

For what?

MOVING FORWARD helps individuals to overcome the emotional impact of COVID-19 while opening to new positive behaviors and promoting personal and team resilience. This program also plants the seeds of an organization-wide culture of collaboration based on love, compassion and gratitude which can be grown afterwards through our SEARCH INSIDE YOURSELF program.


MOVING FORWARD full program is organized as 4 modules and takes between two weeks and one month (recommendation is two module per week). Each module is offered in two sequential sessions of 1 hour plus some special activities. In total, the program will deliver 8 hours of online training and activities with the facilitator plus all homework. The 4 modules are: (1) NEGATIVE EMOTIONS; (2) FOCUS & CALM; (3) RESILIENCE & ADAPTABILITY; and (4) LOVE & COMPASSION

By whom?

MOVING FORWARD can be facilitated by Vanda de Sousa and Carlos Goga.

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