Our Manifesto

We love to learn, and we love to share what we have learned. We teach to serve and to help others. We make our best to keep connected with our intention and values and we enter teaching with the will to be of service. We share what we know but also what we do not know. We teach what we want to learn the most because by teaching we keep learning.

We like the known, but we like also to innovate new approaches in the way we teach. We like organization and order, but we enjoy flow and improvisation. We like books, but we open to learn from each participant, each experience, and each interaction. We look forward to hold spaces for continuous learning and unlearning, for letting come and letting go, for sharing and silence.

In this school,
we are real,
we make mistakes,
we say I’m sorry,
we give second chances,
we have fun,
we give hugs,
we forgive,
we do really loud,
we are patient,
We love.

We keep exploring and researching what makes sense to us, and then we make our best to integrate it. We watch as much our words as we watch our steps because we want to walk our talk as much as we want to talk our walk. We are demanding in our training and preparation, but above all, we strive to offer conscious, loving human experiences.

Love consciously,
when you speak, speak without judgment;
when you offer, offer without imposing;
when you ask for, ask for without demanding;
when you receive, receive without borrowing;
when you choose, choose without forcing;
when you thank, thank without conditioning;
when you show, show without fear;
when you open, open without limit;
when you feed, feed what you want to grow;
when you join, join with interdependence;
Love with passion.

We think consciousness as the conjunction of meta-attention and meta-intention which results in a loving attitude. We think love as the verb which unites understanding, caring, respecting and taking responsibility. We think love also as the action that manifests in full presence, in words of recognition and support, in acts of service, in unconditional gifts, and in physical contact. We think passion as the resulting energy of joy, courage, and curiosity.

The programs, workshops, and courses that we teach and facilitate are curated and designed with conscious, passionate love, conveying the best that we know and offering the best of what we have.

“When you learn, teach. When you receive, give.”

Maya Angelou
Our Manifesto