Elevate Yourself: Focus


When and where?

Currently, FOCUS is a 6 hours workshop which has been custom-made for utopicus school and is offered as the second module of their ELEVATE YOURSELF program. Full information on content, dates, and how to enrol can be found by clicking here


ELEVATE YOURSELF is a program created by utopicus school in 2019 and designed as a four steps journey (self-knowledge, focus, productivity, and connection) to help participants to grow both personally and professionally.

For whom?

The program is aimed for anyone who want to take a step forward towards their best version of themselves –inside and outside the company. The program fits specially with action-oriented people who is searching for change to radically redefine the way they live and work.

For what?

ELEVATE YOURSELF is an experience of personal and professional growth that facilitates aligning your values as a person with what you are doing so you can accelerate your chosen projects in order to define and get the life and the career that you love.


ELEVATE YOURSELF full programs takes one month. It is organized as 4 modules, one module per week. Each module is offered in two sequential sessions of 3 hours on Tuesday and Thursday, evening plus some special activities. In total, the program covers per 32 hours of on-site training and activities plus all homework.

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    With Whom?

    ELEVATE YOURSELF is facilitated by four different teachers. The second module FOCUS is facilitated by Carlos Goga.

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