Simple things, by Paulo Coelho

The simplest things in life are the most extraordinary.
Let them manifest themselves.
The closer the heart gets to simplicity,
the more it is capable of loving without restrictions and without fear.
The more it loves without fear,
the more capable it is
of demonstrating elegance in every small gesture.
Elegance is not a matter of taste.
Each culture has a way of seeing beauty,
which is often completely different from ours.
But in all tribes, in all peoples,
there are values that demonstrate elegance:
hospitality, respect, delicacy in gestures.
Arrogance attracts hatred and envy.
Elegance arouses respect and love.
Arrogance makes us humiliate our fellow man.
Elegance teaches us to walk in the light.
Arrogance complicates words,
because it thinks that
intelligence is only for a few chosen ones.
Elegance transforms complex thoughts
into something that everyone can understand.
Elegance is accepted and admired
because it makes no effort to do so.
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