Mikaela Övén | Emotional literacy is also about having an empathic capacity for the other’s emotions

(Video in Portuguese, subtitles in English and Spanish)

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When we started this...
I think that many times when people finally decide to share,
sometimes it is in a very spontaneous way
and it comes out in a very rough way
and that does not promote approximation.

But even when it is very conscious,
we forget that there are also
emotions and needs on the other side.

And emotional literacy
is not just emotional literacy about myself,
about what is mine and me being honest about it.
It's also about having an empathic capacity
for the other's emotions and needs.

The literacy we are talking about here encompasses both.

Extract of the video “Os problemas que geramos ao esconder as emoções | Episódio 238”available here:

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