Nipun Mehta | Hold space with life in front of you with attention, with care, with compassion

(Video in English, subtitles in Portuguese and Spanish)

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Even, you know, they used to say,
even attention, even a simple thing like paying attention
is now a scarce commodity in our world.

It used to be that goldfish had the shortest attention span
of all living things right.
And now we have replaced them at the bottom of the run.

We can’t pay attention for even 9 seconds now;
our attention span moves in less than 9 seconds on average.

And so you look at that and you say: "Wow!"
"What if I can just listen to you maybe for 18 seconds,
maybe for a minute, maybe even longer?"
"What if I can listen to you without any judgement?".

If you can just learn to hold space with life in front of you in that way,
with that attention, with that care, with that compassion.

If you can start to look at life,
if you can open each door and instead of saying:
"What am I gonna get?"

If we start to say:
"What am I going to give? What can I contribute?".
not just materially but personally, creatively, spiritually,
in so many different ways,
then that connection is multidimensional, it’s no longer singular.

I think that has immense power
and I think we have to cultivate that as society

Extract of the video “HOW DO YOU LIVE? Episode 006 with Nipun Mehta – What can you give if you don’t have anything?” available here:

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