Mindfulness@Work Customized Programs



In order to meet each company’s individual needs and goals, we offer a variety of formats for Mindfulness introduction, including weekly classes, lectures, workshops, programs or retreats. Sessions can be held in the company office or outside.

For whom?

Companies of all sizes and industries that want to develop a better workplace ecosystem, creating more collaborative, inclusive and effective environments and that want a tailored program adapted to their specific needs and goals. We help train leaders and all types of employees by fostering their self-awareness and relationships with others, fundamental tools for productivity and well-being.

For what?

There is ample evidence that mindfulness practice is effective in reducing stress, anxiety and depression. With regard to its application in organizations, studies indicate that the broad benefits of Mindfulness practice on the functional domains of attention, cognition, emotion and behaviour can fundamentally influence outcomes in three key areas: well-being, interpersonal relationships. and performance. In addition to the individual benefits in these areas, research also demonstrates benefits for the organization in terms of absenteeism, productivity and employee involvement in corporate culture and goals.


The foundation of the program will always include a first approach to mindfulness, exploring practices (dedicated and integrated) that can be easily integrated by participants in their personal and professional context. According to time and specific goals, some emotional intelligence skills can be addressed and deepened, including self-awareness and self-management, motivation, empathy, communication and compassionate leadership. Other complementary tools and dynamics that promote better stress management and teamwork will be used.

By whom?

The program will be facilitated by one or two TSOW facilitators.

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