Mindfulness Introductory Course


When and where?

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  • Individual

CIM ⏐ 8 hours⏐ Waiting List

125 € online ⏐ 150 € in-person
online and/or in-person
Starting in June 2021
different schedules
Vanda de Sousa and/or Carlos Goga
English, Portugues or Spanish


The MINDFULNESS INTRODUCTORY course is a theoretical and practical program that makes a first approach to mindfulness, integrating some concepts and practices that can be implemented simply and immediately in the daily lives of participants.

For whom?

The program is aimed for anyone who wants to gain more knowledge about Mindfulness and wants to start or deepen their personal practice. Minimum age 15 years.

For what?

Through mindfulness practices, we train the ability to direct our attention, helping to calm the mind. We learn to better recognize and manage our internal states by observing with an attitude of curiosity and kindness. With this greater self-awareness we develop skills that help us to know and connect better with others, generating greater empathy and collaborative spirit.


The program consists of 3 face-to-face 4-hour sessions and 21-day online follow-up. The approach is theoretical and practical, with the intention of exploring the foundations of emotional intelligence and mindfulness and to experiment with various formal and informal practices that can be easily integrated into the daily lives of participants.

  • Session 1: Exit Autopilot, Live in the Present
  • Session 2: Me: Thoughts, Emotions and Body
  • Session 3: The Other: Empathy and Conscious Communication

By whom?

The program will be facilitated by Vanda de Sousa.

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