Mindfulness Practice Sessions


When and where?

Currently, Mindfulness practice sessions are organized on request for groups of at least 6 people.


Mindfulness practice sessions are one-hour classes designed to facilitate in-class exercises (dedicated practice) and to guide integrated practices that you can include in your daily life. They can be done alone or following workshops or programs.

For whom?

Practice sessions can be attended by anyone who has no previous experience with mindfulness or who already has some experience and wants to deepen their practice.

For what?

Mindfulness is an ongoing practice and as such requires dedication and discipline. Regular group-oriented practice sessions facilitate the acquisition of this habit while allows sharing experiences and questions.


Mindfulness practice sessions include a short theoretical introduction, 1 or 2 guided formal practices, suggestions for integrated practices and time for sharing between participants.

By whom?

The practice sessions are facilitated by one of the TSOW facilitators.

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