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SIY ⏐ Waiting List ⏐ 15 hours

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Online and/or in-Person
from January 2021
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Vanda de Sousa, Rita Cabaço, Inés Diogo and/or Carlos Goga
English, Portuguese and/or Spanish


SEARCH INSIDE YOURSELF is a program created at Google in 2007 designed to develop the core competencies of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership, supported by the latest advances in neuroscience and using mindfulness practice as one of the key tools.

For whom?

The program is aimed for anyone who wants to develop their emotional intelligence skills and wants to acquire tools to develop their focus, resilience, communication and improve their stress management skills and wellbeing. Participants can or not have previous experience with mindfulness or meditation.

For what?

The Search Inside Yourself program was designed with the objective to promote a better emotional recognition and management skills, enhancing concentration in the present moment, facilitating a more effective communication and helping to create a more positive / constructive emotional and mental state, what is fundamental for a better personal / professional balance and well-being.


The SIY program consists of 2 presential days, 28 days of online follow-up and a final webinar between participants and facilitators. The program includes 5 modules: Self Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Leadership. It has a secular, pragmatic and very dynamic approach.

By whom?

The program will be facilitated by two teachers certified by Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.

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