Tie your camel first

A master was traveling with one of his disciples. The disciple was in charge of the camel’s care. They arrived at night, tired, to an oasis. It was the responsibility of the disciple to tie the camel; however, he did not and let it loose. Instead, he just prayed, asked God, “Take care of the camel,” and fell asleep.

In the morning the camel was gone – it had been stolen or had run away; anything could have happened.

The master asked, “What happened to the camel? Where is the camel?

The disciple said, “I don’t know. Ask God, because I asked Allah to take care of the camel; I was too tired, so I don’t know. And don’t hold me accountable because I asked God very clearly! That has not been the problem. I didn’t ask him just once; in fact, I asked him three times. You have taught me ‘Trust in Allah!’ and I have. So don’t look at me with that angry face.”

The master said, “Trust in Allah, but first tie the camel – for Allah has no hands other than yours.

If He wants them to tie the camel, He will have to use someone’s hands; he has no other hands. And it’s your camel! The best way and the easiest and the shortest way is to use your hands. Trust in Allah – don’t trust only in your hands, or you will feel alone. “Tie the camel and then trust Allah.”

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