Where is the heart?, by Elena Barumerli

Where is the heart?
It is in a hot plate, at the table and, in people around.
It is in a good morning with a hug,
and in a wrong step.
It is in a melody, in the freedom of the fire
and in a mindful listening and the wind that we feel.
The heart is in a decoration, a detail, a song.
It is in the handmade bread
and on the bridge to cross.
It is in a word whispered to my ear with patience and affection.
The heart is in the moon that reminds us
that only in the dark can the light be seen
and it is in a hand that accompanies you when you feel lost.
The heart is in a friend who looks inside you
and invites you to be yourself.
The heart is in a flower that is born in the earth scorched
and in the men who plant trees in the abandoned land.
It is in the river that reminds us to flow
and in the stone that shows us how to be present.
The heart is in a smile on a rainy day
and in a dance on a cold day.
The heart is in a sincere thank you
and pn forgiveness with a tear in the eyes.
The heart is in a deep look,
in a caress when you feel alone.
It is on the horizon of the sea
when the sunset begins to arrive.
It is in the perfume of the person we love
and in the voice of the one who shows us the way.
The heart is inside me, breathe.
The heart is within you, sighs.
The heart is within us.
It is in taking a step back
so that the other can move forward.
The heart is the soul of change.
Speak, choose, and move from the heart
so that your rhythm can vibrate with his.
In the sea that does not let go off its thoughts
and in its silence where we find refuge.
Where is the heart?

Elena Barumerli

The School of We

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