Can Mindfulness bring benefits to workplace?

“We live in VUCA times” is a phrase maybe you have already listened. This refers to the volatility, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity brough to life by globalization and disruptive technologies in a constantly changing work market where communication is present 24 hours a day. A world where pressure for great results, high performance and multitasking are all part of the job.

New perspectives in psychology and neuroscience have helped companies increasingly recognize that the cognitive and emotional resources of their employees determine not only their health and well-being, but also their performance, particularly in their ability to adapt to change, creativity and innovation.

Mindfulness practice has been at the forefront of this trend – partly because of its growing popularity but also and mainly because of the exponential growth of research and studies proving the benefits of its practice.

There is ample evidence that mindfulness practice is effective in reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Regarding its application in organizations, studies indicate that the broad benefits of Mindfulness practice (on the functional domains of attention, cognition, emotion and behaviour) can fundamentally influence outcomes in three key areas:

Wellness and resilience

  • fostering greater self-awareness that helps people actively participate in their development and improve their motivation and resilience;
  • allowing to better recognize stress signals and respond more effectively to these signals, gain insight into what promotes or depletes your internal resources;
  • helping to better recognize and welcome thoughts and emotions and finding ways to work skilfully with them.

Interpersonal Relations

  • developing a more conscious and effective communication;
  • developing social and citizenship skills by promoting empathy and compassion;
  • decreasing the defensive impulse reaction and helping to a more accurate and intentional action.


  • helping to develop each employee’s potential through self-awareness processes;
  • allowing for more informed decision making;
  • increasing focus and decreasing cognitive impairment (distraction, forgetfulness);
  • promoting thought flexibility and creativity.
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