Howard Martin ⏐ The electromagnetic energy of the heart changes depending upon our emotional state

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The heart is an electrical organ.
It produces, by far, the strongest source of bio-electricity in our bodies,
up to 40-60 times stronger than the second most powerful source,
which is our brain.

This electrical energy permeates every single cell in our bodies
and it is so strong that it radiates beyond the skin out into space.
It surrounds us in 360 degrees
and can be measured three to four feet outside the body.

The electromagnetic energy in this field changes
depending upon our emotional state.
This is where it gets intriguing.
If we are experiencing strong negative emotions
like anger, frustration, resentment, all those things we can often feel,
it produces an incoherent spectra in this electromagnetic field.
Conversely, if we begin to experience emotions,
the same ones I mentioned before,
long metaphorically associated with the heart:
love, care, compassion, kindness, appreciation,
tolerance, patience, non-jundgement,
those kind of things,
it producces a coherent spectra in the field

We are broadcasting this electromagnetic energy
to very single cell in our own bodies
and the communicating it outwards into space.
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