James Nestor | Slow down your breathing and you will calm your body down

(Video in English, subtitles in Portuguese and Spanish)

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 So by breathing slowly,
you can take over these systems.
You can control your nervous systems in many ways
to send your brain signals that you are relaxed
and in a safe place.
And when you do that, the rest of the body
and the brain response.
The great thing about breathing is…
it’s so easy!

So when it comes time to slow down your breathing,
you just simply slow down your breathing.

For some people, that means
breathing in to count about 3, out to count about 3.

Other people are comfortable with extending that,
which is great.

But one key little trick I like to use
is to inhale to count about 3
and then extend your exhale to account for about 6 or 8.

When you do this, you further relax the body
and elicit a parasympathetic response.
And you can measure this by measuring what happens
to your heart rate when you tend to extend your exhale;
measuring what happens to your blood pressure;
and you can just feel it throughout your body as well.

And this is something you can use anytime anywhere.

So slow down your breathing; doing so will calm your body down
and send those signals to your brain
that you were in a safe place and that you can relax.
And it will also balance your levels of CO2 and oxygen
so that you will be able to utilize more of that oxygen.
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