Pablo d’Ors ⏐ The pace of inhaling and exhaling is analogous to the pace of receiving and giving

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At the pace of my own breathing,
at the pace of inhaling and exhaling
Why is this important?

Because the simple reason
that the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling,
this biological rhythm of inhaling and exhaling
it is analogous to the quintessential spiritual rhythm
of receiving and giving.

A life is healthy, a life is healthy and harmonic
when there is a proportion between
what we receive and what we give,

When we enter into this flow, this dynamic...
To live is this.
It is to harmonize this dynamic,
not always giving but not receiving.

Actually, we learn to meditate
because we don't know how to receive,
because we have been educated to love others
but yet not how to love ourselves.

We just assume we know
but it is too much a suposition
because so often we don't treat ourselves well.
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