Paul Ekman | You gotta practice it all the time

(Video in English, subtitles in Portuguese and Spanish)

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There are two things that people want to be able to do
to improve their emotional life.

You want to be able to choose what you become emotional about
and when you become emotional.
That’s number one.

And the second is you want to be able
to choose how you act when you are emotional.

Well, nature didn’t want you to do either
so it didn’t give you any tools.

So if you’re gonna learn how to do this
it’s gonna be hard work and it isn’t gonna be the kind of learning
like learning to ride a bicycle.
Once you learn to ride a bicycle you could stay off it for 10 years
and get right back on.

Well, I’m gonna tell you now if you don’t do every day
you’ll fall off.

You gotta practice it all the time.
It’s like being a concert pianist,
it doesn’t stick unless you practice it.
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