Online programs

Transformational online programs for companies and organizations, but also for individuals and our friendly community.

Each one of the trainings that follow has been created or adapted to deliver an optimal live online learning experience for remote participants, either as part of a group or individually. These online proposals will give you the skills to navigate forward during this uncertain time while helping you to thrive at work, at home and beyond.

For companies and organizations:

For individuals and groups:

Our live online learning programs build on the following characteristics and are designed to facilitate the development of a set of competencies and practices to help the improvement of individuals and teams:

  • 100% live with real-time training by the facilitator.
  • videoconference based with the support of private rooms and chats.
  • small groups of between 8 and 16 people to facilitate interaction at all levels, both with the trainer and among participants.
  • exercises and dynamics adapted for distance learning.
  • pre/post assessment and access to a digital toolkit to enable ongoing practice and skill sustainment.
  • e-mail support and personal follow-up available on demand.

Connect with us if you are looking for additional online trainings for your company. We will love to explore ways to support the specific needs and goals of your organization.